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Henriikka Kärnä



My name is Henriikka Kärnä. I live with my family - my daughter and son – in Virrat, Finland. I have done dog trimming since December 2006. You can find more information about our dogs and puppy plans from this website. I hope you’ll enjoy your visit! If you have any questions please send me email.

Kennel Goldenmind

March 2007 I participated in the Finnish Kennel Club’s Breeder’s Basic Course and my kennelname Goldenmind was given to me December 2007. I breed Pyrenean Mastiffs and Chinese crested dogs. Most importantly all of our dogs are beloved family members but our hobbies include dog shows.
I try to use my knowledge at dog breeding and dogs health and personality are the most important things to me.
The very first Goldenmind litter was born 21.4 2012 (Crestiny's Above The Sky x Mirbon's Kimba 1+1).

Our dogs

I got my very first dog, a male golden retriever Kokiksen Cacheter Profit (“Jami”) November 2002. At first I fell in love with the way the goldens look but later I also noticed what a great personality they have! Goldens are also excellent for many hobbies.
Our first Chinese crested dog Calibra’s Wuff I’m Puff (“Elmo”) came into our life July 2004. Cresteds are small dogs with big personalities and of course they look brilliant. Regardless of their small size the crested are also excellent for many hobbies.